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Countless. The number of times I have left a meeting with hospital-based management teams or physician practice management and just shook my head. The meetings are initiated due to operational, financial and cultural issues with hospital employed physicians formed into a loose-knit or formalized medical staff. The issues are almost identical. The results that follow, while possibly acceptable, are rarely the best they can be, often resulting in a common set of symptoms, including at least a few of the following:

  • Physician turnover is relatively high, i.e., greater than 25% over a average period of 4-5 years.
  • Physician satisfaction is generally neutral or below neutral.
  • There is a lack of common culture among providers and medical staff.
  • An us/them relationship exists between management and providers, creating barriers for many things.
  • Operational changes are “mandated” versus adopted.
  • Compensation and productivity is a constant source of conflict.

We could easily add 10-15 more items to the list, and we do in the White Paper; however, this basic list will make the point.  We bet you lunch in the hospital cafeteria you recognize at least 3-4 of these items.

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