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Medical Management Services-Billing Denials

Healthcare Billing: Simple Solutions to Lower Your Claim Denials

The single most important reason to lowering your claim denials is simple, to bring in additional revenue by less delay of payment and lowering billing costs. Most practices have the software available that should enable them to produce and analyze reports which will provide...
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Medical Management Services-Getting Paid

Healthcare Accounts Receivables: Getting Paid What is Owed

How do I know if I’m being paid what I should be paid?  The question can be overwhelming and the answer involves more than a few factors.  To determine if you were paid what you were entitled to, begin with a narrow view and work your way out to the details as the process leads....
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Medical Management Services-Billing Steps

Working Healthcare Billing Denials: Is There a “Right” Way?

There is no disputing that the working of healthcare billing denials costs the practice with money left on the table, but also costs in the work needed to resolve the denials.  The average cost is $25/claim to resolve and collect the charges subsequently denied.  In effect, a...
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