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Medical Management Services-Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Costs and the Real AOL Story

When AOL President and CEO Tim Armstrong told a town hall meeting that a couple of AOL’ers had spent $1 million each for distressed babies the social media and AOL staff went off the charts.  And while calling out the 2 AOL employees publically should not have been aired; what’s...
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Medical Management Services-Healthcare Reform

What Will Happen Oct 1 in Healthcare Practices?

As October 1st gets closer and closer, many practices are wondering what to expect as that date signifies the beginning of exchanges, insurance reform and the official start date of the Affordable Care Act. 17 states have opted to run their own exchanges.  Of these, the GAO...
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Medical Management Services-Performance Management

Performance Management Cycle (Part 2): Planning-The First Step

In this week’s blog on Performance Management Cycle, step 1 will be discussed- Planning. Health care management personnel and teams must set clear expectations and goals for performance and this occurs during the Planning stage of PMCs. Without clearly outlined goals and...
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