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Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Providers

Marketing strategies for healthcare are not a thing of the past or a thing of the future. Marketing strategies for healthcare are important to today’s practices and providers. If your practice has not developed a marketing strategy, than you are more than likely letting...
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Is Marketing a Healthcare Practice a Good Idea?

Is marketing a healthcare practice a good idea? What a loaded question. There are many ways this could be answered. But the plain and simple answer is, YES. Most assuredly, YES, this is a good idea. Have you seen the commercial that boasts relief for you allergy symptoms by...
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Medical Management Services-Healthcare Markemting

Marketing for Medical Practices: Best Practice

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Health care marketing is undergoing dramatic reinvention and change, due to emerging trends, reform uncertainties, emergence of social marketing and renewed focus on quality, outcome and prevention. Executives are demanding higher impact and bigger returns from marketing...
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