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The Impact of MCR Patients on Your Healthcare Practice

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Every 11 seconds a baby boomer becomes eligible for Medicare (MCR). By 2020, there will be 70 million MCR eligible patients in the US. What is your practice strategy for handling MCR patients? Now you may now be asking, why do I need a strategy for seeing MCR patients that is...
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Healthcare Patient Management: Getting Paid for What You Do

Amid evidence that better care-coordination means improved outcomes, and fewer mistakes and costly hospitalizations, the Obama administration issued a policy change whereby the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will pay physicians a monthly fee to coordinate care for...
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Healthcare ACO: Value vs. Cost

The first set of statistics on the efficacy of Accountable Care Organizations (healthcare ACO’s) has been published. There were really no surprising stats. The simple fact that was proven by the study was that when you take a vested interest in patients well-being and interact...
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