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Healthcare Management: Retaining Competent Employees

Competition and quality. Both of these words define key elements that management personnel within the medical industry must remain focused on in order to be successful. Management teams are responsible for identifying and considering all stakeholders, whether primary or...
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Medical Management Services-EMR

EMR Implementation: Single Provider Practices Behind the 8 Ball

We now see this situation over and over again.  Single practice provider, usually a specialty practice, provider in their 50’s and having practiced successfully for 25-30 years now find themselves in danger of losing their practice.  Why?  There are numerous...
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Medical Management Services-Risk Review

Consider a Risk Review for Your Medical Practice

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When is the last time you reviewed your current policies and procedures for your practice? Have you ever reviewed your policy and procedures (p & p)? Did you know that your practice may be at risk? Were you even aware that there are services available to review your p &...
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